Friday, March 26, 2010

My 42nd Street Ballroom


I've always known but my least favorite place on the island of Manhattan is the Port Authority Bus Terminal. What is it about Greyhound stations that makes them so gross and ghetto? But in mist of this disgusting, confusing building lays a treasured structure. I remember as kid, for whatever reason I had to be at the PABT, I would stare at the 42nd Street Ballroom until I was told to we had to go.

Similar to the boardgame 'Mousetrap' and a labyrinth, the 42nd Street Ballroom structure rotates pool balls in a maze of knick-knacks. Everything from a spiral down to bouncing off xylophone panels, the structure was mesmerizing to watch. Keyword being was. This glimmer of light in the hell hole no longer functions and made me early morning trip today much more miserable than it already was. Someone needs to fix this. If not for my childhood memory than for any tragic human soul that has to cross that building every single day.

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