Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Famous Homeless Man


Not sure if I should file this under funny, sad or both. There's currently a Chinese internet celebrity roaming the streets on Ningbo, China. He looks the part of a Williamsburg burnout, but the thing is- he's homeless. A pedestrian snapped a picture of 5'8 man and post it on the internet, gushing about his good looks and great sense of style and before you know it, he's the newest internet sensation. He's even started a new fashion trend.

Getting the nickname "Brother Sharp", he has since been followed by more residents, as if they were the paparazzi and he's the celebrity. Catching his every move, what he eats (trash off the street), where he hangs out (back alleys) and who he hangs out with (no one, he's a lone drifter). When the Chinese authorities tried to track him down, "Brother Sharp" is so psychologically disturbed that he refuses and continues on his merry way. You tell me, does he look like he just walked off the runway? (Independent)


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