Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Blog Referrals


It's been awhile (months?) since I've found new blogs to add to my daily reading, but this week I was referred to three different new obsessions by friends, friends of friends or just serendipitous happenstance. And of course, they're all entertainment based. Ch-ch-check 'em out:

- A detailed go-to guide for some of my favorite shows including my current obsession 'The Amazing Race'. Fun, light and with a point of view eerily similar to mine, blogger Jill's weekly recap of individual episodes (and events) is a must read.

- Combining love for theatre, television and film, blogger Isaac already has a cult following large enough to start his own theatrical event (and did!). Injecting sarcasm and hilarity in every entry, the short format blog (my favorite kind) will no doubt continue to be part of my daily read.

- A simple photography concept. Pressing the 2-second timer on a digital camera and then running away from it as fast as you can! Genius! While inspiring fan entries, the original "hit and run" lenser still does it best.

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