Monday, March 8, 2010

My Worst Oscars Telecast Ever


I'm sad to report that I was right. More on the disastrous Shankman/Mechanic production in future days because I need the time to recover from all the vomiting inducing "organic dancing" and redundant bias towards the lead acting categories oppose to the supporting ones. Don't even get me started on the abrupt ending to the ceremony. Okay, too late... the floodgates have opened. Here's what went wrong:

- Why was Neil Patrick Harris there? He was successful on both the Tonys and Emmys because he's relevant for stage and television. Here? It already looks desperate on the producer's count.
- We're then greeted by the 10 LEAD acting nominees, by name. One by one. Like this is some deranged Miss America competition.
- The awkward opening from Baldwin and Martin that namedropped everyone in the room.. twice. Thank goodness for George Clooney whose facial expression mirrored mine in how silly and trite it was.
- The organic dancing. They scrapped the original song performances for this!?! I wasn't aware of the Oscars when Snow White & Rob Lowe went on, but this has got to be a new performance low.
- By hour two, Shankman & Mechanic realized that their show is running long and started scrapping clips and showing nominees on categories. If only they were smart enough not to show a montage clip reel for the first four categories on the evening.
- Forgetting Farah Fawcett. Any questions regarding Shankman's sexual orientation were answered during the 'In Memoriam' segment by that painful omission.
- The lamps wall was terrible. It looked and felt cheap.
- They devoted 30 minutes to the lead acting categories and pretty much set no timer for the winner's acceptance speech. It was evidence Shankman & Mechanic knew what they wanted to air and in no circumstances were going to cut it.
- Therefore Tom Hanks had to RUN to his mark and announce the Best Picture winner without even recapping who's nominated.
- With all the talk about the first woman ever to win the Best Director trophy, where's the promo and tease for the first Black writer to win a screenplay award? Even Kathryn Bigelow seemed embarrassed by all the hoopla. Did they really have to play her off with "I Am Woman"?
- FOUR hours.... and it still felt rushed.

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Walter L. Hollmann said...

What a disappointing production. Almost took the joy out of seeing the worthy wins.