Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Celebrity Crush Of The Month (v.3.25.10)

As promised, it's back. My ridiculous obsession with random famous folks will continue once again. Before we move on to this year's "lucky ones", let's do a quick recap of last year's selection of 'Celebrity Crush of The Month':

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January 2009- Rebecca Hall, 27, actress
February 2009- Will Chase, 30, actor
March 2009- Joseph Cotten, deceased, actor
April 2009- Nora Arnezeder, 22, actress
May 2009- Ellie Frederickson, deceased, inspiration
June 2009- Roger Federer, 29, athlete
July 2009- Jake Silbermann, 26, actor
August 2009- Melanie Laurent, 27, actress
September 2009- Brett Gardner, 26, athlete
October 2009- N/A
November 2009- N/A
December 2009- N/A

Okay, here goes this year's batch so far:

Screen shot 2010-03-25 at 5.28.42 AM

January 2010: Carey Mulligan, 24, actress
How can anyone not fall in love with her after 'An Education'? Not to mention her grace as she makes her way through the tough award circuit was delightful to see.

February 2010: Jeremy Renner, 39, actor
Macho and sensible, the entire "happy to be here" smug never fails to charm- how very different from Sgt. William James, or is it?

March 2010: Ewan McGregor, 38, actor
An old favorite is back to show that his charisma never went away in double features. Also, for putting George Stephanopoulos in his place.

So come on back towards the end of next month to see who captured my time in the non-reality world.

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Jill Mader said...

I'm not a big Jeremy Renner fan, but I totally agree with you about Carey Mulligan and Ewan McGregor! I fell in love with Ewan watching Long Way Down.