Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Amazing Race Rankings (Week 7)

You have NO IDEA how much I cheered at the end of this week's episode. The cowboys continue to ride and hopefully we'll get to hear that country song Jet is fixin' to write. If that doesn't resurge my love for that team, I don't know what will. Anyway, here's how I love 'em:

Jet's my favorite player. If only they paid more attention next leg.

Have they ran a subpar race yet? I don't think so.

About time these two brothers came in second place.

Oh, how the equalizer proved the last three races were a fluke.

Lucky, how very lucky.

The first decent race they've completed, even if it's mistake-filled.

Best Line of The Night: "I'm not going until Phil tells us we're eliminated." - Cord
Smartest Move: Steve and Allie decide not to go back for their bags.
Dumbest Move: Jet & Cord forgetting to get the bottle off the boat.

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