Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Amazing Race Rankings (Week 6)

Well, we're one team away from eliminating all the weaklings. I'd be very surprised if Brent and Caite are still together after all this is over. Also, the tourism division in France needs to give better direction... or just the correct ones. Anyway, here's how I like 'em:

They're still my personal favorites, but I'm starting to doubt their chances.

Steve is slowly becoming my hero.

Very slowly coming around to liking these baffoons. Maybe someone should teach them a lesson.

They better shape up. If Brent & Caite catches a break, they're easily done.

Let's see how they'll fair the next time they're faced with a tough challenge...

... case in point, these two annoying people.

Best Line of the Night: "My wife says duct tape can fix anything."- Steve
Smartest Move: Steve and Allie NOT calling for that second car when theirs can be easily fixed.
Dumbest Move: Dan and Jordan choosing to do the champaign tower dropping them four spots.

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