Friday, March 26, 2010

My Quickies (v.3.26.10)


- Tix Goes Up: This is just insane. I will not pay $20 to see a movie. Ever. I guess I won't be training any dragons this weekend. (CBS)

- Angry White Powder: I guess Anthony Weiner (D-NY) got off easy compared to his fellow Democrats. I'll take an envelope of powdered chalk over smashed windows and voicemails telling me to die any day. (TPM)

- Fifth Starter: The drama finally ends for Yankee fans when skipper Joe Girardi named Phil Hughes the squad's fifth starter when the season opens in less than 10 days. Bring on baseball! (ESPN)

- Oddest Protest Of The Day: A group of devoted fans of a popular gay couple on 'One Life To Live' will rally in front of 'Good Morning America' today to protest the soap's firing of the actors who portray the couple last week. (Facebook)

Screen shot 2010-03-26 at 6.21.33 AM

- Jack Sauce: It's great to have an episode of '30 Rock' with Floyd again. It's the only time I like Jason Sudekis. Consider me on team Fliz! (Hulu)

- Awards Season: Not even a month after the Oscars, the AMPAS announced their calendar for next year's kudosfest. Just please don't bring back Shankman & Mechanic, I don't think I can handle that mess again. (Oscars)

- Mercury Poisoning?: Megan Mullally's abrupt exit for a Broadway play two weeks before previews caused the cancellation of the entire production. How Karen of her. (Playbill)

- Helm Rush: California's latest idea to cut the state's deficit is to legalize marijuana and then taxing it. I guess it would be easier to tell people you're taking more money from them when they're stoned. (NYT)

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Brian (BK Southie) said...

Well, it's only $16 if you go to the Court Street UA 12. But still. Day-um. I hadn't heard about it until I met my son and his grandmother at the theater. Oops.

Well, How To Train Your Dragon WAS totally awesome, but that might be the last time I go to the movie theater, ever, even for 2D movies. Hey - the studios want to go to DVD in about 2-1/2 weeks anyway, right? I'll make sure City Island and Hot Tub Time Machine go to the top of the NetFlix queue.