Thursday, March 18, 2010

My March Madness Predictions


Yes, I realize I'm about four hours too late but hey... better get these in before I take at peek a the winners thus far.

East Region (Syracuse)- While almost everyone has Kentucky getting out of this region alive, I'm going to go with the pesky West Virginia Mountaineers who got shafted out of a #1 seed in favor of Duke. I like their style of play and also, unlike most of the pundits out there, I'm not buying Cornell as this year's sleeper. I see them getting ousted in the first round. Let's not good looking for hidden treasures now, folks.

South Region (Houston)- Perhaps it's due to my hatred towards Duke, but I'm banking on another Big East team advance to the final four in the form of Villanova. Their guards are speedy- even Obama says so. Sleeper hit in the region includes Old Dominion and Siena.

Midwest Region (St. Louis)- You might as well hand this one over to the overall #1 seed Kansas. I don't see any team in this region giving them problem maybe besides Georgetown, but they would have to get through Ohio State first before doing so. Upset special: Georgia Tech over Oklahoma State.

West Region (Salt Lake City)- It's a tossup between Kansas State and Syracuse, but I'm going to give in pick the Orangemen even when they're on a decline. I just think they have a tougher road to the Elite Eight with the possibility of playing Gonzaga, Vanderbilt and Butler and will catch Kansas State offguard.

National Champions: Yes, the best team in the nation will prevail this year again. Kansas Jayhawks it is.

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