Monday, July 28, 2008

My 13 Musical


This upcoming Broadway season, there will be two shows showcasing lead characters under the age of 18. First is the highly anticipated West End transfer, Billy Elliot and second, is a new musical called '13'- an "original" idea about thirteen teens going up with pre-teen issues. I find it strange that someone found this concept marketable to the typical Broadway audience because, let's face it, prepubescent teens singing and dancing in unison about their life troubles just doesn't cater to much to middle aged folks. I'll be even more surprised if the show lasts for more than a year.

You can find the music video of the show-titled number on their official website and see if you agree with me in saying it sounds a little too "Kidz Bop". And one more thing.... not even one of the thirteen kids can be non-white? Maybe they did go for the Broadway demographic afterall. (Official Website)

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