Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Frugal Traveler

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Ever since I've decided to go to Europe for vacation earlier this summer, I've been gathering tips from various Europeans I know and looking over "must do" attractions from different places. The one thing I've following closely is Matt, the Frugal Europe Traveler over at New York Times. The guy manages to spend under $125 a day, and that's including lodging! My personal favorite so far is his Rome entry. Not only does he grant the little things to do for cheap there, he also manages to navigate you to those places from main attractions such as the Coliseum. 

As August 1st, my take-off date, approaches, I'll be sure to get reading more on what Matt is upto over there in Europe and see if he'll hit anymore spots I know I'd be going once I get there. (NYT)

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Monica said...

Sam and I did it for $100/day for our honeymoon four years ago. That was for both of us! The dollar was a little bit stronger then though. We rode a lot of night trains and crashed and friends and family as well. It was awesome!