Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Titletown

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Another year, another pointless ESPN segment special. Two years ago, when the "50 States in 50 Days" project fell flat after week 2 (They showcased street basketball for the entire state of New York...), I wonder how long it would take before the creatives over at the uber-sports network decide to bring in another breezy summer special. And oh boy, if I thought the results for the "50 Days" were bad, their search for "Titletown, USA" ended even worse. Of all the cities and towns across this country, they've announced Valdosta, GA as their choice for the crown. Second place is not better with Parkersburg, WV. You'd have to scroll to #5 before seeing a city with more than one professional sports team.

Valdosta, GA!?! Really!?! I've been there.... nothing about that place screamed sports, and definitely not this so-called "titletown". Many said choices like Los Angeles, Boston and New York were too obvious... because obvious is apparently bad. ESPN dropped another ball here, I wonder what special they'll come up with next for small towns to feel better about themselves. (ESPN)

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