Saturday, July 19, 2008

My, My How Could I Resist You?


Uh.... one word. Easy, don't buy a ticket. I tried to enjoy the happy-go-lucky musical, Mamma Mia!, but it was just an embarrassing mess. Outside of the dancing pier from "Dancing Queen", there just wasn't that energy usually that associates with musicals. One thing I do realize coming out of this Greek tragedy- don't let the stage musical director direct the motion picture. Judging from the enormous audience to the musical, somehow the fun, the spontaneity, the craze seemed lost in between stage and screen.

Oh Meryl, Meryl. Why?


Julie said...

so you wouldn't recommend it? I was considering it because it looks so fun but it had potential to go down here. It's not getting good reviews on Rotten Tomato either. Go see The Dark Knight. That'll make up for all the disappointments of the year. :)

Kyle Leaman said...

One question, Meryl Streep makes it watchable though right?

Peter Chan said...

No... it does not. I know, I was heavily disappointed too.