Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Obsession With Elizabeth Moss


If you've watch any episode of AMC's original series 'Mad Men', there is no doubt a fire ignites in you for one Peggy Olson. She is, after all, the ultimate corporate ladder climber. Elizabeth Moss, who portrays Olson, nothing short of a gem in that role. I can't help but succumb to her 'Miranda Priestley'-like attitude towards work. It is ashamed that she wasn't nominated for an Emmy earlier this month.

The latest issue of New York Magazine profiles the young siren's career thus far and highlights her poise in midst of a stellar cast. I can't wait until the new season of 'Mad Men' next week and see what Peggy does with her jawdropping twist in last season's finale and even more so, how Moss will continue to work me under her spell. (NYMag)

UPDATE: Yes! She's coming to Broadway this fall. (Playbill)

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