Friday, July 25, 2008

My Top Ten Television Seasons of Comedy This Century


How's that for a wordy blog title? (I couldn't of anything else that would fit the description)

10. Curb You Enthusiasm (Season 1)- I totally associate with the bunched up pants.
9. How I Met Your Mother (Season 2)- The birth of slap bet AND Robin Sparkles!?! Hecks yeah.
8. Weeds (Season 2)- Whenever Celia is at her out-of-control state is when the show is at its best. Let’s not forget, Nancy ended the season with 20 guns pointing at her.
7. The Office (Season 2)- I thought the series truly gelled together once Michael became less schticky and more awkward.
6. Extras (Season 1)- Kate Winslet as an Oscar hungry actress? Genius.
5. Desperate Housewives (Season 1)- I don’t remember anything else at the time that had me glued to the television the way the ladies of Wisteria Lane did.
4. Sex and The City (Season 4)- ‘Sex’ at its prime. I still kinda wish Carrie would end with Aidan instead of the horrid Mr. Big.
3. The Comeback (Season 1)- It’s ashamed Valerie Cherish never caught on. I could’ve watched that trainwreck for many, many seasons.
2. 30 Rock (Season 1)- I still laugh hysterically thinking about Alec Baldwin saying "My mouth tastes like purple."
1. Arrested Development (Season 1)- Ten cents will get you nuts. Oh, I do hope the movie is happening.

Okay. Did I miss any?

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