Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Chinese Smog


It seems like every time the Olympics rolls into its final month of preparation, the host city scrambles to make everything complete. For Beijing, it's no exception. It appears ever since the it was awarded this summer's Olympic games, Beijing's biggest dilemma was its air pollution. And like the way many things are done within the Chinese government, they chose to hide this fact and alter results

But as the news of its pollution became more public, the Chinese government began to force local factories down and reduce car commute. I gotta hand it to them, if they were dealt with NYC's congestion problem, they would solve it in a heartbeat with their no nonsense attitude. Anyway, will this last ditch effort convince the World it is ready? I sure hope so, because my family and I have been anticipating the Games in China for a long time now. (AP)

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