Monday, April 26, 2010

My Amazing Race Rankings (Week 10)

I so wanted this leg of the race to be an elimination one for many reasons. One, I wanted to knock off Mike and Louie because they're the strongest team outside of the Cowboys and two, I'd love to see the drama at Elimination Station between the cops and Joe, who they U-Turned all those weeks ago in France. But alas, no such luck. Maybe next week. Anyway, here's how I like them:

I'll be forever anxious during each episode until Phil tells them they're safe.

Jordan cries this week, Daniel throws a tantrum next week. These
guys are sure not liking China so far.

Spared elimination. Michael's probably thinking puzzles suck.

How these two remain in the race is beyond me. I'm sure their steady
improvement and dumb luck will get them into the final three.

Best Line of the Night: "Tranquil? What does that mean?" - Cord
Best Move: Jet using that "secret ingredient", flour, to assist with his road block.
Worst Move: Mike & Louie not realizing all they had to do was to go through the doors for their next challenge.

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