Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Dinner Theatre

Pops insisted on having dinner at a restaurant named 'Fu Kee', a name worthy of Engrish, on 86th Street since they have a $10 for 2 lobsters special if you dine in. Yes, $10 for 2 whole lobsters. So here we are, father and son, chowing down on our lobsters when I overheard a conversation at the next table between an Asian teenager and a middle aged white woman:

Teenage Daughter: There's this party tomorrow night I want to go to.
Step-Mom: Isn't it a school night?
Daughter: Yeah, but it's going to be a great party.
Step-Mom: What's the party for?
Daughter: No reason.
Step-Mom: So there's going to be a great party for no reason.
Daughter: There's no need for a reason to have a great party. People can just have parties now. It's not like back in your generation when people only get together for birthdays and bar mitzvahs.
Step-Mom: (agitated) Well, kids this generation flash their private parts for an iPod at parties!
Daughter: (disgusted) It's iPad!

Lobster AND comedy, what a fun night at Fu Kee! And to my surprise, I didn't throw up afterwards.


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Walter L. Hollmann said...

Oh my God that is the greatest thing I've read this week!