Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Quickies (v.4.20.10)


- Knapp-ed Out: Christian music singer Jennifer Knapp reveals she's a lesbian. Ready for a backlash, Knapp prepares herself to get back into the biz after a seven year absence- only doing it with more secular material. So it confirms my gaydar's effectiveness at one of her shows (with Bebo!) ten years ago. (Washington Post)

- Best iPad Sponsor Ever: Norway Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was seen stranded at JFK airport and told the press he's running his country from new brand new iPad while the ash clouds over Europe clear out. Another sign that the technology showcased in 'Minority Report' was closer to reality than most anticipated. (NYDN)

- Olympic-Size Debt: It appears it's not just the host cities/countries that the Olympics send into huge debts. NBC announced broadcasting this year's Winter Games set them back $223 million dollars. (AP)

- Baywatch-ed Return: Though I'm sure I'm using the term "bigger star" loosely, what's with the deal of "bigger stars" going back to soap operas? David Hasselhoff agrees to return to 'The Young & The Restless' for a one-day storyarc. (EW)

- Proud Vlogger: Check out British vlogger Johnny Durham's poignant and funny video response to questions he's been asked regarding his sexuality.

- Cracker Jacks & Upchuck: Proving Philadelphia Phillies fans are the grossest cheerers is sports, a man was arrested after he vomited on an 11-year old girl in the stands last week at a game during a fight. (ESPN)

- Apple Release: Someone at Apple is getting fired this morning. An actual iPhone 4.0 model was found and the tech site Gizmondo dissected and analyzed it for all the geeks out there (myself included). Best feature? Video camera on both sides of the phone! (Engadget)

- More Pulitzer Drama: Ben Brantley and his defeatist attitude continues the ongoing backlash against 'Next To Normal' winning this year's Pulitzer Prize for Drama. I haven't seen this much awards bashing for the stage since Julie Andrews' tirade back in her 'Victor/Victoria' days. (NYT)

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