Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Spring Premiere of Glee

Quick Analysis: A rather underwhelming episode with all the hype, the FOX promos department felt it was necessary to sneak peek next week's Madonna-themed episode by showing Jane Lynch's cover of 'Vogue'. It's very apparent where the back nine episodes are going to focus on and it doesn't vary much from the front 13.

Broadway enthusiasts like myself were salivating over the reunion of 'Spring Awakening' stars Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff and the addition of Idina Menzel ('Wicked'). While it's still very early and not much can be read from Groff and Menzel's characters from one episode, I was hoping for more and definitely at least one showstopper number besides 'Vogue'.

I'm sure next week's Madonna episode will undoubtedly be fun and hilarious, but just for this week, it appears the hype exceeded the content.

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