Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Ten Cinematic Facts

Despite knowing the cheese factor, I'm a sucker for interactive blogs. So when fellow Seminole (FSU Holla!) Walter over at The Silver Screening Room tagged me to blog ten cinema facts about myself, I jumped at the opportunity to do what I do best- talk about me. Also, I have the utmost respect for anyone who hates the AMC in Tallahassee more than I do.

1. My first movie at the theater was 'The Land Before Time'. I was so not emotionally ready for the dramatic elements cartoons had to offer so I cried so loud and hard in that dark room when the mother died, my dad had to escort me out due to embarrassment.

2. Not that I have any acting ambition, but if I had to play one role in the history of films, I would choose Conrad Jarret from 'Ordinary People'- he's so complex, tortured and all too relatable... minus the death of a brother thing.

3. I have a very unhealthy crush on the late Marlon Brando and currently have five posters/memorabilia hanging on my bedroom walls- including the original Playbill from the 'A Streetcar Named Desire' Broadway production and a canvas photo still from the film production.

4. The first VHS I ever bought with my own allowance was the straight-to-video Aladdin sequel 'The Return to Jafar'. I still remember it was $19.91 before tax at the Waldbaum's Supermarket that has now been replaced by a Best Buy down the street from my house.

5. If I ever make my own film and had the powers to do so, I would cast Barry Pepper and Guy Pearce in a heartbeat. Even though they're not my favorite actors, I have a deep appreciation (and misguided sympathy) for the two actors.

6. My favorite movie theater in the world is the Clearview Ziegfeld in Midtown Manhattan. My least favorite is the AMC/Loews in Kings Plaza Mall- it smells like urine, gangsta and prune juice.

7. I used to think it was cool that I memorized the entire 'Jerry Maguire' script was I was younger. I'm still waiting for a real life moment where I can use a similar/converse line to "That's more than a dress, that's an Audrey Hepburn'' movie on a date.

8. The only film I've ever seen twice in one the same day at the theater was 'Birthday Girl'... oh that's right, I said the little seen Nicole Kidman/Ben Chaplin starrer 'Birthday Girl'. The film I've seen the most times at the theater is 'Black Hawk Down'... oh that's right, I said 'Black Hawk Down'.

9. I know 'Syriana' was suppose to be important and relevant, but I just don't know why.

10. A little more personal, but I'm still waiting to work on a project I'm completely passionate about and gets me excited to go on set everyday. Granted, I love a lot of the people I've worked with in the past and present but I wish I could work on a project where I fall head over heels for. Conversely, I've worked on some crappy shoots and there's nothing worse than script supervising a feature you don't believe in and having to know and memorize all the little details inside out.


Okay, I won't subject anyone to continue this madness for my sake, so I'm not going to tag anyone. It's all about me. See? I am just that conceited.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

#9 - I am so with you on that one.

And now I don't feel so guilty about liking Birthday Girl.

Brian said...

I think the Kings Plaza movie theaters closed a few months ago, so don't you have to pick a new urine-gangsta-prune-juice-smelling theater to hate on?

Peter Chan said...

Brian, so I see my complaint letters finally made it to the powers in charge. Hmm... a new theater to pick on? Easy. Regal Sheepshead, I'm gunning for you next.