Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Soda Voucher


I'm going to say I like this idea. In an attempt to get kids and families to stop drinking sodas and other non-organic sugary drinks, the Alliance for Healthier New York is conducting a buy-back of sodas for money vouchers useful at farmer's markets. On paper, it seems like a great idea and alternative to the proposed taxing of soda and sugary drinks since it will stimulate the farmer's market economy in the same way a gift card works and it will only encourage families to trade in their 99 cent 2-liters for a $6 voucher and a regular can of soda for a $3 one. Hopefully this Brooklyn experiment will garner enough participants to bring awareness and delay the what seems like an inevitable "fat tax" on sodas. The obvious con? People hoarding sodas as if it's the new currency. (NYDN)

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