Monday, April 5, 2010

My Quickies (v.4.5.10)


- High School Fantasy: Two teachers were caught naked together in the classroom while their students were in general assembly. Males students of James Madison High School were suddenly in favor of surveillance cameras in classrooms for their "protection". (NYD)

- Champion For A Day: Andy Roddick won the Sony Ericson Open in Florida this weekend in a tournament that included Federer and Nadal. I highly doubt he can carry this over to the clay courts next month, but good for him. (Yahoo)

- Kumar v. Obama: Kal Penn resigned his post as an aid to the Obama administration to reprise his role as Kumar in the 'Harold and Kumar' franchise. Wow. Is the economy that bad? (EW)

- Last Minute Replacement: Since Megan Mullally debunked 'Lips Together' from its premiere, the Roundabout Theatre called on to its off-Broadway success, 'Everyday Rapture', to take its place at the American Airlines Theatre. (Playbill)

Screen shot 2010-04-05 at 10.27.43 AM

- Heart Attack: KFC manages to invent a new way to induced cardiac arrest with their Double Down Sandwich. Yes, fried chicken filet instead of buns.... Sure, that has to be to good for me. (KFC)

- Blame The Gays, Not The Pedos: The newest defense of the Catholic Church in regards to priest molesting blind deaf boys is that since they were post-pubescent, it's no longer pedophilia- it's the homosexual tendencies, so blame the gays. I guess the best defense is a pathetic offense. (Gawker)

- Palin Inc.: Since moving on from Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin has slowly turned herself into a profitable brand in the political world. Great, another political opportunist in America. Yippee. (NYT)

- Brothers Broadcasting: I hope Aaron Boone learned from his brother's disastrous attempt as a baseball commentator in 2003 when ESPN signed him on to be part of the 'Baseball Tonight' team. (ESPN)

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