Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Subway Rats


According to some Upper East Side residents, the recent surge of large rats running around in their neighborhood is due to the underground construction for the upcoming 2nd Avenue train. While the MTA isn't dismissing the idea, they're telling concerned residents that there might be another reason for the rats- like, they live in New York City and there's an abandon building down the block from them. Okay, so they didn't say those exact words, but the idea is there.

I usually hate the MTA, but I'm with them on this one. What bugs me even more is that one resident says seeing rats on the streets until 2018, the estimated finish date of the 2nd Avenue project, is "a living hell". To which I reply, people in the slums of third world countries are in a living hell, rich white ladies on the UES who sees an occasional rat on the street and complains about it just need a massage appointment at a day spa. They're just rats, they're gross and disgusting but I'm sure some pampering will take you out of your "hell". So let's not go overboard, I'll even go to Bliss with you... but you have to pay since imma broke and yous lives on the Upper East Side. (WSJ)

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