Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Amazing Race Rankings (Week 9)

Whoa. Drama came into full force this week. As much as I dislike Brent & Caite and their more than idiotic move this week u-turning Brandy & Carol when the two strongest teams are still behind them, Brandy & Carol has to get over it and blame the game and not the players. It's very apparent now which half the remaining four teams are the stronger ones. Here's how I like 'em:

Love Jet. Love, love, love.

Very fortunate leg this time around. Flying completely under the radar.

The villains for season 16 are finally revealed...

... and they're playing these two dimwits who don't even know it.

Best Line: "The closest thing to an instrument I've ever played is a radio." - Jet
Smartest Move: Dan & Jordan beelining for the Fast Forward.
Dumbest Move: The before-mentioned Brent & Caite U-Turning Brandy & Carol instead of Team Cowboys or Team Detectives.

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