Friday, April 2, 2010

My New Director/New Film Festival

I Killed My Mother (Xavier Dolan) 01_N

A few nights after my first visit at ND/NF this year, I was invited to a screening of the film chosen for closing night and its after party. Unlike my rather disorienting reaction to Monday's show, it was clear I was not only emotionally invested but applaud director Xavier Dolan's freshman effort in I Killed My Mother, the Canadian submission to this year's Academy Awards. As complex as it is brilliant, the journey of one relationship between a teenager and his mother is sure to be relevant in some variation to anyone who ever had an argument with their mother.

Being a semi-autobiography, the 20-year old (!!!) Dolan crafted this impressive tale that I wished I had the ability to write down such heartbreaking moments. At the after party, my friend and I were hoping to meet the dapper dressed Dolan to congratulate, who also starred in the film, but alas... he was whisked away somewhere by John Cameron Mitchell and never returned.

Sidenote: Alice Tully Hall turned out to be one gorgeous facility.

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