Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Asian Jersey Shore


As if the original wasn't terrible already, casting notices were sent out seeking young Asian-Americans for a 'Jersey Shore'-type reality show set in Los Angeles. I can't remember the last time Asians made for popular American television. Have they not learned from Margaret Cho's short-lived series 'All-American Girl'? We're better suited as sidekicks or token spots on reality competition shows. Sigh. I wonder what catchy nicknames the lucky chosen ones would call themselves. My suggestions include 'Kimmy Chi', 'Peking Wang' and 'The Lobster Roll'. (NYP)

P.S.- I found the picture for this post by googling 'cool asian kids'.

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Anonymous said...

ummm fyi, this is UCI's Kaba Modern (:
like, the ones who were on ABDC.
and I agree, it is a pity that there will be an "Asian version" of Jersey Shore. As if Asians weren't carrying enough negative stereotypes as it is. But that doesn't mean that Asians are only suited for sidekick roles. That's how society has made it to be for a long time...let's not advocate it though :)